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Dory Sparks Mysteries

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Rowan Pierce Mysteries

Welcome to my C.G. Oster page for my murder mystery series. Primarily the Dory Sparks series, set throughout WWII, and now the Rowan Pierce series, which is earlier and set in Egypt. 

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Summary: Taking on a role with the Cairo Police force places Inspector Rowan Pierce into a completely foreign environment. His first case is the murder of the beautiful young Egyptian woman found floating in the Nile, and without Captain Salid, he’d be utterly lost, with the unfamiliar customs and language, not to mention the city itself.

As the British Protectorate gives power over to the Egyptian Government, the shift is not happening as fast or as completely as some would like. The political situation in the tense city makes news and crime political in nature, especially if there are foreigners involved. Jurisdictions complicate investigations, particularly those that veering into the British class, who are used to their power and privilege protecting them.

Important people would benefit by the murder of this unfortunate young woman to be swept out of sight, but attention is too intense to bury the investigation. Friends and enemies are formed every step of the way.

© 2019 Camille Oster. Camille Oster and C.G. Oster is managed by Carbon Method Ltd.

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